Hike : Bolton Abbey

In May last year I walked with my sister at Bolton Abbey.  It is a lovely place to walk around with the Priory church, ruins and the river.  There is loads of parking (but it does get busy in the summer), and every time I’ve been there families have been barbecuing by the river.  There are a couple of nice circular routes by the river and cafe’s aplenty which make it good for a summer stroll, some of the paths are also wheelchair friendly.


This time we walked the main circular route just past the Strid, but not all the way to Barden Bridge before we crossed the river.  There was a time limit to our walk that day (never great!) so we ended up power walking the last part and calling ahead to have our tea made so we could get into Leeds to the gig on time (scoffing food and then running for trains is not recommended).

There are so many beautiful viewpoints that you can’t get bored, and there are activities for children (and adults, because why should children have all the fun!) with stepping stones and trails to follow.  In May all the bluebells/harebells were out, and the scent of wild garlic was drifting on the breeze and the river burble is always with you.


As well as the main marked routes, I have found a few other walks around the area, either starting or finishing at Bolton Abbey:

  • Simon’s Seat from Bolton Abbey
  • Valley of Desolation and Barden Fell – I tried to do this walk in August last year, but the moor was closed for shooting.  Make sure you check this on the Bolton Abbey website before you go!
  • River and Woodland at Bolton Abbey – I attempted this once on my own and got hopelessly lost on the second moor crossing ending up back where I’d started, I managed this better the second time around though we walked anticlockwise around and made up a bit in the middle which meant the road walking was a bit much…I also took someone else better at direction with me.

Overall a great place to go for walking and exploring, I’ll definitely be back this year to get onto the moors!


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