Art : A Recent Piece

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This is a recent painting I did for our spare bedroom.  I wanted to have something to keep track of our travels…I always keep some sort of travel diary, but I thought it would be nice to have something visual.  I’d seen the scratch off maps on Etsy but fancied something more colourful…because why not!

To get the map right I googled ‘map of the world’ and copied a basic image and printed it out.  I drew over the print out in pencil back to front on some baking paper (no tracing paper…had to improvise…and I don’t bake all that much…) at a window.  After that it was just a case of putting the tracing paper on some watercolour paper and scribbling all over the other side. Like school again!


Once I’d drawn over the pencil with a waterproof pen (Pigma Micron 02) I added some watercolour.  It was still looking a bit boring – we haven’t travelled to enough places obviously…must try harder – so I added a ‘Here be dragons’ dragon and compass using some grey pen.  Wish I’d checked the compass was straight before committing!


Pretty pleased with how it came out though : )


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