Hike : Sources for UK Walks


Thought I’d share some of my favourite sources for walking in the UK.  I’m not a head-out-onto-the-moors-with-just-a-map-and-my-boots type.  I like to have a description of the walk, preferably with a bit of a map that I can follow with my phone (I’ve been pretty lucky with signal so far).  My Dad is a map person…but he gets upset when they don’t make it back to him…


  • AA Walks – Well described with good maps.
  • Three Peaks (I have a second hand version) – Well described, has additional points of interest and information.
  • Wainwright – I haven’t used these for a while, but walked in the lakes a lot when I was younger


  • Walking Britain – Loads of walks on here, usually they include photographs and a map.  Descriptions vary.
  • National Trust – A mix of easier walks, usually lots to see on the way.
  • National Trails – Focuses on main longer distance walking routes like the Pennine Way.

Anyway, that’s it for now.  If I find more I’ll add to this list…feel free to recommend any other good sources you’ve found too!


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